MARIANItech® architectural solutions

From Fratelli Mariani’s experience rises the brand MARIANItech®, offering innovative architectural solutions. Expanded Metal and Wire Mesh are used in the recovering of existing buildings or applied in the new ones, adapting the civil and industrial buildings giving them a new “light”, a new “skin” and a new “vitality”.
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    types of meshes
    Choose from more than 20 types of different standard meshes from different categories - expanded metal, wire mesh, spiral mesh etc. We also give you the opportunity to require completely customized meshes.
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    different materials
    Most of our meshes are available in various materials: aluminium, mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel. Some meshes are available also in bronze and cooper.
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    possible applications
    In our wide range of products you will definitely find the right solution for any of your exterior or interior architectural projects, such as facades, staircase claddings, ceilings, sun screening systems etc...

Product groups

  • Expanded metal

    MARIANItech® gives you the opportunity of having the expanded metal in standard or shaped panels.   Read more

  • Wire mesh

    MARIANItech® wire mesh is inovative solution for aesthetical treatment of inside and outside surfaces.   Read more

  • Spiral mesh

    MARIANItech® Spiral Mesh line completes the full cladding facade product line.   Read more

  • Ceiling systems

    MARIANItech® provides ceilings in the form of panels that can be attached in multitude of ways.   Read more


  • Facade cladding

    Due to their protection and aesthetic appeal expanded metal and wire mesh products are a great solution for facade claddings.   Read more

  • Fences

    By using expanded metal or wire mesh as a fence you will be able to fulfill the need for privacy, protection and support.   Read more

  • Ceilings

    Expanded metal and wire mesh are very functional when used as a ceilings in interior or exterior spaces.   Read more

  • Sunscreening

    Expanded metals and wire meshes are perfect for sunscreening as they can shield from the sunlight.   Read more

  • Interior design

    Different patterns, shapes, materials and colours of MARIANItech® products enable the realization of diverse interior design projects.   Read more